We use vinyl, Screen Printing and Digital Heat Press. The method we choose to use is based upon the artwork uploaded and the garment you have chosen.  For example, for single coloured designs, Vinyl printing may be used yet for multi-coloured designs, which are more intricate screen print may be better. Also, some garments are better suited to specific printing methods rather than others. Once your artwork is uploaded and the order processed, our expert artwork team will decide which method is the right fit for you.

Benefits of Printing
1. Good for large designs

If your customisation is large, print will be the best option for you. With the ability to print artwork up to 30cm wide, printing is great for promotional events, charity fundraising activities or events such a stag and hen parties – anywhere you want your clothing to make a statement.

2. Good for very intricate designs

If you’re artwork is very intricate, for example a hand drawn design or a photograph involving lots of detail and colour, print will be the best choice for you.

3. Lower cost than embroidery

If you require garments for a one off event, printing might be the best option for you as you will be charged a lower price than embroidery in most instances. However, if you require customised garments that are likely to be used regularly, embroidery could be a better option for you if you want to do smaller top up orders in the future.